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Paintless Dent Repair tools

Paintless Dent Repair tools

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Made of fine quality material, long-lasting to use.

Can help you repair the dents on your car.

It will not harm the painted surfaces.

Suitable for the sheet metal processing of automobile, refrigerator, motorcycle, washing machine, etc.

How to use?

1. Dent casued by collision,scratch,smash.

2. Choose a tab that,matches the shape and size of the dent.

Apply Hot met glue on the center of the tap and in the circle inside and out, and make sule the glue is even and full on the tap.

3. Align the center point of tab with dent center point,then quickly put the tab on the dent and slightly press it till the space

between the tap and dent is 1mm,and lossen your grip till it is fastened on the dent.

4. Fix the dent lifter which has already been adjust-ed well in the tab,grip the handle,lift up in the equally

The Main Package (Package 1) Included:

1 X Golden lifter dent puller

1 X Hot glue gun

18 X Blue puller tabs

1 X Tap down hammer

1 X Metal Tap Down Pen (with 9 heads)

5 X White glue sticks

1 X Small plastic shovel+1X Empty alcohol bottle

1 X Dishcloth

1 X Instruction


Paintless Dent Repair tools

You save $2.96 (12%)
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